Thursday, December 8, 2011

In other, non-car-related news...

During an extra long pause about 20 minutes into "Work of Art: The Next Great Artist", Ryan and I discussed some preliminary ideas for our upcoming collaborative blog. We've decided that it will be more for entertainment than for communication, and thus it will not be a personal blog about our lives, but more a work of art that we create together and share with...whomever we can get to follow it. We decided on a general theme for our first comic strip installment and tossed around some other content ideas like recipes and detailed reviews of an embarrassing number of abc family specials we habitually get sucked into watching (like this one). Some of our richest conversations happen during pauses. Thank goodness for DVR!

My boss is wonderfully generous and gives me a Christmas bonus each year. This year, instead of cash, she opted to buy me a Kindle Fire! The only tablet experience I have is a cumulative 15 minutes of playing a game with zombie dolls and a catapult and doodling a tree on my boss's iPad when she first got it, so I don't have a whole lot to compare the Fire to, but if I were to compare Life Before Fire to Life With Fire, I would take the latter any day. I'm really, really happy with it. My favorite thing to do with it, besides read silly books that I never would have thought to buy before, is set it on the kitchen counter on this little wooden easel I happen to have that is coincidentally perfectly sized, put on Pandora and pull up whatever recipe I'm working with. It is a huge improvement over attempting to read a recipe on the screen of my phone or lugging around a laptop, which takes up too much valuable counter space. I am aware that I face a lot of first world challenges, and I very much appreciate the first world solutions I have found for them.

We acquired a fondue set from my mom and I am itching to use it. I have never made fondue and don't really know how it works except that I understand the part where you dip something into cheese and put it in your mouth and go "mmmmm!" because I have partaken in several happy hour fondues, though nothing particular fancy, and only ever involving bread for dipping. If you know something I don't about making fondue, please share!

Tonight may be the night I start full-on making Christmas cards. I am making most of my Christmas presents this year, too, and I am viewing it as more of an awesome accomplishment than a defeat because the process has been fun and I have actually finished quite a few things already and it's not December 24th yet. Maybe a tree will happen this weekend? I am ready to deck the halls...with mugs of Harvey's.


  1. "I have never made fondue and don't really know how it works except that I understand the part where you dip something into cheese and put it in your mouth and go "mmmmm!"

    Haha! I understand that part, too. My fondue advice is this: don't lose the plug-in thingy. We have fondue on Christmas Eve ever year (we dip broccoli, potatoes and bread chunks...while watching It's A Wonderful Life, natch) and every year we have to go on a mad hunt for the plug-in thingy. Other than that, I can't help you, because my mom makes it. But man is it delicious!

  2. Plug-in thingie? I don't think mine comes with that. It just has a base where you stick one of those propane doodads in it. Or something like that. Maybe I'll just have my mom come over & operate it!