Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A little appreciation.

I'm thankful for online banking. For two decent incomes and the ability to pay bills for everything we need and many things we don't (and the luxury of frequently confusing the two). I'm thankful for people who think that thrusting their own heart into the universe will grant them returns at an average rate of 50%, which is often a much higher yield than when we do nothing to solicit love. I am thankful that when something is plain, we have things like sharpies and glitter and cumin to spice them up with. I'm thankful for water filtration systems and for water that is safe to drink in their absence. I am thankful for my health and for Michael Jackson's music, for people who get married whether it's legal or not. For accessible education and for a covered back porch and friends who make me feel like the only reason they made the journey to Olympia is to hang out with me, and for many things about the way my parents raised me. For foggy coastlines and sparkly cityscapes, Hollywood Kill Krew, and vivid dreams that don't make sense when I'm awake. I'm thankful for my warm bed, and for the people who are choosing to sleep in freezing tents to make a social statement. I'm thankful for coffee and naps and workout dvds and crock pots and blankets and magic erasers and all the goats and cows and sheep who sacrifice their udder comfort so I can have smooth, delicious cheese in more varieties than I can name! I am thankful for a car that (almost always) gets me where I need to go, and for people who are happy to see me when I arrive. For the ease and economy of pasta for dinner, for abc family specials, for a partner who washes dishes without complaining and offers back rubs with blatant disregard for whether I deserve them or not. I am thankful for snail mail, and that there are people in the world who will buy ridiculous plastic dolls with brightly colored hair on ebay and thus effectively double my happy hour budget. I am thankful that my boss is able to visit her family for Thanksgiving, which tangentially affords me the time and peace to blog about being thankful in the comfort of my own office. I am thankful for google, stuffed mushrooms, text messaging, living downtown, Quality Burrito breakfast burritos, and new friends. I am thankful for Mekong lunch specials and for a great landlord and a new dishwasher and getting to leave work 2 hours early today and then having four whole days off. For my family, friends, and for the awesome dumb luck of getting to snuggle up with my favorite person

Happy sweet excuse for an extra-long weekend, friends! What are you thankful for?

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  1. i'm thankful for this blog and your ability to write it.