Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Basking in the Glow

I hope you all had a delicious and restful Thanksgiving weekend!

Things have been fantastically warm & fuzzy in my world and I would love to share some of that warm fuzz with you all, so I'm attempting to do it in the form of glitter-by-mail...my fall-back strategy for when it isn't practical to track down everyone I like and hug them. Send me your address in a private fb message or email if I don't already have it and I'll make something shiny and festive magically appear in your mailbox!

What else is new? My car broke down and I've made some headway in tackling credit card debt. The car is in the shop and I'm anxiously awaiting the diagnosis, and in the mean time not really minding the bus. Ryan and I are researching tablets...we want iPads but have been looking into Kindle Fires, but since we're so attached to the android market, some sort of hybrid knock-off will probably suffice. I mostly want it for reading and he mostly wants it for streaming netflix. We don't want to spend more than $200. Thoughts?

Saturday I made my first Christmas cards and got out our decorations. When I was little I thought big bulb lights were tacky, but that was before tacky things got awesome, and now I'm very happy to have some.

Last night Ryan was craving Thai food so we decided on a whim to walk to Angel, place an order for crab wontons, red curry and Angel Special rice, and take a brisk winter walk around downtown while we waited. We brought our bag of deliciousness home and ate, then snuggled in for a movie and basked in the rainbow glow.

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  1. I vote for the Kindle Fire. A few weeks ago Ken decided that I needed a Kindle after seeing the trouble I was going through to stuff 6 books in my luggage on a trip to AZ. (I was certain that I'd end up reading one book per day.) I'm hoping that Santa and I can come to some sort of arrangement.