Friday, June 8, 2012

Friday Faves, TGIF Edition

* Eating incredibly healthy foods in reasonable portions. I have lost 1.6 pounds since I implemented my hard core no-b.s. plan on Monday. Only 27.3 more to go!

* Friday Happy Hours at home. Okay, I love them at Anthony's, too. Swing is also is Water Street, and Ramblin' Jack's has those $3 appetizers...but showing up at Happy Hour hungry at the end of a long week is never as friendly on my bank account as the name suggests. A cool alternative is to buy some wine and snacks at Trader Joe's and invite some friends over and have all the fun without having to deal with parking, waiting for a table, tracking down a waiter in time for one more drink before HH ends, and driving home afterward (at least for the hostess, bwahahaha!). I really love Anthony's Happy Hours, actually...but I digress! I'm very excited to have a couple cool girls over for wine & munchies (homemade pesto, salami, artichoke dip-stuffed mushrooms, shrimp cocktails, and TJ's surprisingly delightful $9.99 box shiraz!) after work today.

* Traditions. Ryan and I just made plans to spend the 4th of July in Ocean Shores, since we had such a great time doing that last year. We have only been together just over a year, so we haven't had a lot of recurring events yet and I am excited about establishing "things we do". We have plenty of daily habits and trends we subscribe to, but this will be the first official holiday we get to celebrate for the second time as a couple. 25 more days 'til our romantic beach getaway!

* Hollywood Kill Krew shows. They are always a blast. You should definitely come to one. Tonight will be the first one I've missed since I went to my very first, 2010's Hip Hop for the Homeless benefit. The guys (& gal) are taking their show on the road, and this old groupie is better suited for drinking wine than driving to Onalaska for an outdoor show. I will be there in spirit, though!

* Instagram. Snap a somewhat decent photo, crop it into a square, apply a kitschy filter, and suddenly you're so hipsterrific you could puke on your one stars. Sign me up!


  1. I swear i got online to seer if krexblog was out of publication and distributed to the masses. planned on giving you until ten -where at that hour, the older sibling harassment would commence . loved this weeks read.. ..nice learning those little quaint and lovely tidbits that bring you and Ryan together and keep you there. we are more alike than you would think sissy. will share on that over wine and trader joe snacks one eve. love you.

  2. Someday maybe I could come to one of your happy hours, they sound way better (and cheaper) than going to a bar.