Thursday, June 28, 2012

Friday Faves on a Thursday Morning

Oops, I missed a week! Life has been exciting. In lieu of actual favorites, I think I'll go with a good ol' standby list.

- Ryan and I started a food blog! We'd been talking about starting a blog for a long time, but we finally narrowed down the theme and got to work. The official description goes something like:

Welcome to Love of Grub! We are Ryan and Kaylene and this is our food blog: a host to recipes we've tried and loved, favorite vendors, useful tips, ruthless restaurant reviews, comics, and fun little research projects. You don't have to be an aspiring Top Chef to enjoy great food. We are just regular people with an apartment-sized kitchen and a passion for cooking, eating and sharing. Follow us as we document and share our culinary adventures one bite at a time...for the love of grub!

So it's more than a recipe/photography blog. In fact, we don't have the tools yet for amazing food photography, but we're planning and learning every step of the way. For now, we are having a great time building the site and doing our best to attract followers. This project has given us tons of time together and lots of excuses to try fun new things in the kitchen, not that we really needed excuses beyond it being fun and tasting good :) Check us out at If you like us, "like" us, leave a comment, pin us or follow us on twitter, facebook and/or your reader!

<puts down megaphone>

- I have about 13.5 hours of work ahead of me and then FIVE DAYS OFF IN A ROW! I can hardly sit still when I think about it. We don't have huge plans for most of the time, but my little sister is visiting from CA (haven't seen her in years), a friend is coming from OR and then on July 3rd we are staying at a fabulous Gone With the Wind style Inn on the beach and I can't.flippin'.wait. There's a jacuzzi in the living room, a balcony facing the ocean, and we're planning a delectable surf & turf meal & signature cocktail to celebrate our second 4th of July together.

- I've started a book club! We had our first meeting (ie, we ate snacks and drank wine and then about 4 hours in, thought about perhaps choosing a book) on Tuesday and we have decided to read Anthony Bourdain's The Bobby Gold Stories. I am pretty into Anthony Bourdain these days, and also very happy to have an excuse to hang out with some fabulous ladies on a more regular basis. Thank you, summer!

Work had been busy. I don't have nearly the time I used to to dedicate to my ramblings. Go see my blog. And have a great weekend :)


  1. I'll be following your new blog. I'll read all the posts as soon as my family leaves and I have more time.
    I used to like Anthony Bourdain a lot. Have you seen that episode of No Reservations where he goes and visits Ted Nugent on his ranch? It is a funny episode. And I read a really great article of his in Rolling Stone about how he kept the same hours as a chef in the 80's as the punk rockers so they all sort of hung out. That said, he is so very anti vegan that it is just mean. He could do such amazing things with a vegan menu, I'm sure, but he is very hostile against it. I think I've mentioned this before to you, though, so I'll stop. ;)

  2. I want to be in your book club :(