Friday, May 25, 2012

Friday Faves, 1st Edition

To play off my fellow blogger, Chelsea's Love List and to give myself a reason to write, behold my Friday Faves, a list of things that I find worthy of mentioning this week:

Nelly's "Just a Dream" and not being pretentious about music I have, in the past, attempted to dislike on some kind of inexplicable principle that now seems like a lame excuse not to like something, which is ridiculous because liking things is neat!

Muffins. Specifically, the ones I've been making from Annie's recipe, which explode with decadent raspberry goodness and have just enough cinnamon to make you go mmmmm!

Otters. My new river otter shirt. The online (Sea) Otter Cams at Seattle Aquarium that let you watch the frolicsome critters any time you want. No joke, check them out for yourself!. Ryan sent me the link and I don't think it's up for debate that it is the cutest link anyone could possibly send.

Obsessively checking my Shop Stats page on etsy. Even though I've only been selling on average a couple of things a month, it's really heart-warming when someone "favorites" something I've makes me feel like the silly little hobby I have that is really just me drinking wine, watching Roseanne on my laptop and covering every nearby surface with glitter is somehow making someone besides me smile...and I like making people smile! Especially if I can do it in sweats & a ponytail, from 100s of miles away!

Our new apartment. Ryan and I moved at the beginning of May to a less expensive, less unique, less downtown apartment with fewer dumpster divers outside our window and fewer (exactly zero) crazy rock stars living above us. We thought we were downgrading and sacrificing, and while we did have to trade a little charm in for some practicality, I regret nothing. We are saving money, living easily & comfortably (still a short walk/drive to downtown, both our offices and the gym, with a great espresso stand in between!), and generally much happier with our current living arrangement. We can do laundry without going outside, things get fixed the same day we complain about them, and our sleep has not been interrupted by anything but the early morning garbage truck. It's great!  

That's one for every weekday...seems like a good place to stop. Have a fabulous Memorial Day Weekend, everybody!


  1. Reading what your little heart spit out as a child used to make us smile in joy as we all knew we had the smartest 4year old to dance the earth. And now as I slowly. ..OK as I first speed read, then slowly and more methodically take in your thoughts through your carefully chosen (or likely not) adjectives and adverbs -I am reminded of how God made you special.. ..and he continued through life's little "moments" to inspire in you the creative mind.One that is not lost in a far-out-far -from -understanding la la land-BUT one that reaches the reader (some deep,some surface), and inspires him. I admire your
    skill little sister. Loves
    Btw -reading your pages reminds me of your Dad and his spice for life

  2. Yay for things that make us happy!