Monday, February 13, 2012

The greatest thing you will ever learn...

is just to love and be loved in return! While Ryan steadfastly refuses to watch Moulin Rouge, we did enjoy a nice Sunday night on the couch with the Wedding Singer last night.

Since a solid 25% of my readers have noticed my lack of dedication to blogging, I am taking her encouragement and running with it while it is fresh...

I dropped out of the art class. It was slow and frustrating and I got in trouble for something every week and it turns out I hate the way chalk feels on my fingers. Pastel painting is not for me. I am still looking forward to someday taking a watercolor class, or a design or acrylic or even pottery class or something. I just don't care about pastels and the notion that I would start caring once I learned how to use them a bit has all but evaporated. I'm over it.

Last weekend I overhauled the 'Stude (aka second bedroom). This is the first time everything has its place and there are no piles, stacks or bins lying around waiting to go somewhere else. It feels so great to have all that space and all those pretty things on my walls & shelves!

Whole Foods is going well. I barely miss my daily Diet Coke in the afternoons at work and it's been relatively easy to find whole, natural replacements for most things. Also, I make a lot of exceptions, like when we go out or any time alcohol is involved. What do you want from me? I'm only human. Oh, and we just got a family membership to the Y, which I figure should at least even out the damage my vices are doing.

Ryan and I are going to enjoy our Christmas present to each other in a couple weeks...we're going to see Reckless Kelly at the Tractor in Ballard and stay at a super cute nearby hotel. He used to live in the area and is having a hard time narrowing down the places he HAS to show me while we're there. I'm really excited! Not only is the band awesome, but it will be our first getaway by ourselves.

Umm, I'm looking forward to Faux Knitting Ladies Night later this week, pasta with bacon, pineapple and ginger mango stilton tonight, and Beefeater martinis as a mandatory Valentine's Day celebration tomorrow.

Tell me a mushy little story?


  1. Tim haaates Moulin Rouge too. Must be a guy thing.

    You got in TROUBLE at your art class?! Ridic. Wish you had been in my watercolor class with me. Even if we got detention for passing notes.

    I don't know what a Reckless Kelly is or why it lives in a tractor, but yaaaayyy first couple getaway! That's major.

    One time I kissed a boy. It was hot.

    Blog more, kthxbye.

    1. In art class, I was so excited to have made friends with the girl next to me, and then we got shhh'd multiple times for chatting! I had my hand all but slapped and my chalk pried out of my fingers. We would so get busted for passing notes :)

      Do you like any country music at all? even if it's totally rockin? A Reckless Kelly is a delight if you do!

      Thanks for the comments. Maybe someday I will have 5 followers.

  2. Dominic doesn't mind Moulin Rouge! since he has a guy crush on Ewan McGregor.

    1. Awesome! Ryan doesn't have any guy crushes I know about. We'll have to work on that.